Comprehensive List of 26 Bootable Antivirus Rescue CDs for Offline Scanning

19. TrustPort System Rescue Disk

TrustPort System Rescue Disk

Price: Available only to TrustPort users (paid and trial)
Operating System: BartPE and Windows PE
File Size: 241MB (ISO Windows PE)
Format: BartPE plugin files and ISO for Windows PE
Signature Update Method: Online
Default action(s) for detected items: Automatically rename file extension by replacing the first character of the extension with the number 0. For example, .exe becomes .0xe
Last Release: Not Applicable
Additional Information: TrustPort is a multi-engine antivirus that uses a combination of the AVG and Bitdefender engines. Windows PE would be a better choice than BartPE because of the support for newer hardware and it is easier to create by just installing the Windows AIK. The only drawback is downloading the huge 1.7GB Windows AIK ISO file, extracting and installing it. After installing WAIK, click on the Antivirus drop down > More Functions > Prepare Windows PE CD.

Download TrustPort

20. VBA32 Rescue

vba32 rescue

Price: Free
Operating System: Linux
File Size: 130MB
Format: ISO
Signature Update Method: Online
Default action(s) for detected items: Attempt to cure and will delete if failed to cure.
Last Release: Updated daily
Additional Information: There are 2 ways to create a bootable USB for VBA32 Rescue. First method is to use their vba32rescue2usb tool which will write the ISO to the USB and make it bootable and the second method is from the VBA32 Rescue environment by selecting the “Create bootable drive” option from menu.

Download VBA32 Rescue

21. VirusBuster Rescue CD

VirusBuster Rescue CD

Price: Free
Operating System: Linux
File Size: 143MB (ISO)
Format: ISO
Signature Update Method: Online
Default action(s) for detected items: Detected items moved to selected location and the file name will be be renamed to random characters without an extension.
Last Release: Updated daily
Additional Information: VirusBuster products has been withdrawn and Agnitum has acquired their antivirus technology. Oddly that their rescue CD is being recompiled daily to include the latest virus definitions. Other than scanning and cleaning virus, it comes with Midnight Commander file manager and the ability to restore Windows MBR.

Download VirusBuster Rescue CD

22. Windows Defender Offline

Windows Defender Offline

Price: Free
Operating System: Windows PE
File Size: 282MB (ISO)
Format: A (.exe) downloader tool that can install to CD, DVD, USB and generate ISO.
Signature Update Method: Online
Default action(s) for detected items: Clicking the Clean PC button will delete the detected files.
Last Release: 13 September 2012
Additional Information: Using the downloader tool to create the CD, DVD, USB or ISO will automatically download and include the latest virus definitions. Windows Defender Offline is architecture dependent, meaning that if you’re trying to boot up a 32-bit Windows operating system, you will need a 32-bit version of the Windows Defender Offline instead of 64-bit.

Download Windows Defender Offline

23. Zillya! LiveCD

Zillya! LiveCD

Price: Free
Operating System: Linux
File Size: 538MB
Format: ISO
Signature Update Method: Not Available
Default action(s) for detected items: Prompt for action at the end of scan and only offer to delete.
Last Release: Updated weekly
Additional Information: Runs the Windows based Zillya! Scanner in Linux using Wine. Has a FAR file manager and MBR recovery tool to fix a corrupted master boot record.

Download Zillya! LiveCD

24. Trinity Rescue Kit

Trinity Rescue Kit Virus Scanning

Price: Free
Operating System: Linux
File Size: 151MB
Format: ISO
Signature Update Method: Online
Last Release: 12 April 2011
Additional Information: Trinity Rescue Kit is a rescue disc that comes with a lot of useful utilities to help recover and rescue a Windows system. It contains 5 different antiviruses which is Clam AV, F-Prot, Bitdefender, Vexira(Not Working) and Avast. Clam AV is free to use while F-Prot and Bitdefender runs on trial license. As for Avast, it requires a license key to run. Do note that the computer must be connected to the Internet because each antivirus and latest definitions will only be downloaded upon selecting from the menu.

Download Trinity Rescue Kit

25. Anvi Rescue Disk

Anvi Rescue Disk

Price: Free
Operating System: Linux
File Size: 109MB
Format: ISO
Signature Update Method: Not Applicable
Last Release: 04 January 2013
Additional Information: Anvi Rescue Disk is not an antivirus but it aims to remove ransomware and boot sector viruses that are preventing you from booting into Windows. There are 3 scan modes and a registry fixer from the Repair tab that can be restored with a click. The ZIP archive also comes with a BootUsb.exe that allows you to install Anvi Rescue Disk to USB.

Download Anvi Rescue Disk

26. HitmanPro.Kickstart


Price: Free to scan. Removal of detected items require software activation (paid or trial)
Operating System: Run on your Windows operating system
File Size: 131MB
Format: ISO
Signature Update Method: Not Applicable
Default action(s) for detected items: Quarantine (Delete)
Last Release: 19 December 2012
Additional Information: HitmanPro.Kickstart USB can be created from the HitmanPro program or simply download the provided ISO image file to burn to CD. It is designed to remove ransomware but can also remove any detected malware on your system by uploading suspicious files to their cloud servers to scan with 5 different antivirus engines (Bitdefender, Emsisoft, G Data, Dr.Web and Ikarus). HitmanPro.Kickstart is quite unique compared to the rest of the rescue disk because it runs on top of your Windows OS even if the malware is preventing you from accessing it.

Download HitmanPro.Kickstart

Editor’s Note: avast! has a rescue disc which is a shareware that cost $9.99 for the physical disc to be delivered via mail. Take note that it can take 10-15 days within EU and USA while other countries will take 15-25 days, making it an unsuitable rescue disc if you urgently need it. McAfee too has their own rescue disk called CleanBoot that runs on Windows PE. However it can only be downloaded with a proper grant number provided by the McAfee Technical Support.

If you’re looking to combine multiple antivirus rescue discs and install a multi-boot USB flash drive, SARDU is a great tool to help you achieve that.

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