Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater

Many of the popular applications such as Firefox, Chrome, Java, Skype, etc offers an easy way to automatically update the program to the latest version. Unfortunate this is not the case when it comes to Adobe Flash Player. Recently a new version of Flash Player was released to patch plugs at least seven security holes, including one reported by Google that is already being used to trick users into clicking on malicious links delivered via email. Adobe Flash Player has an auto update mechanism but unfortunately it doesn’t work quite well as I did not receive any upgrade notification after days of the new release. As long as the old version is still installed, my computer will be vulnerable to attacks through the Flash Player exploits.

You can manually check for updates from Control Panel > Flash Player > Advanced tab and click the Check Now button. However doing this will launch your default web browser and brings you to a web page that shows the Flash Player version installed on your computer and the latest version available. You will still need to go to the Player download center to download the Adobe Flash Player Installer which it will automatically download and install the latest version of Flash Player. The Adobe Flash Player Installer does all that without even checking if you already have the latest version. Other than that, the installer file is automatically deleted upon running. This makes the official Adobe Flash Player Installer only suitable for reinstallation purposes.

Sujay has suggested a third party software called Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater which provides automatic version checking, downloading and installation feature which is currently missing in Adobe Flash Player.

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater is capable of checking the installed version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer and determines if it requires to update. If the Flash Player is outdated and needs to be updated, the program will automatically download the correct version (32bit/64bit and IE/Non-IE) and prompt you to install it. Clicking the Yes button will launch the Adobe Flash Player installer and all you need to do is check the agreement checkbox and click Install.

Install Flash Player Update?

At the Settings tab, you get to configure if it should check for available Flash Player updates at start, or starting the application invisible, keep latest installers, auto check intervals, and even installing updates without user interaction. The 2nd Settings tab allows you to configure the program to use a specific administrator account and proxy server.

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater Settings

If the system doesn’t have Adobe Flash Player installed, Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater can still continue to work. Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater saves the settings and downloaded flash players installers in Documents folder. Would be great if they can provide a portable version that does not require installation. In fact you can actually copy the Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater folder from Program Files to another computer and run it there without installation. Another method is to use innounp to unpack and extract the setup installer to the application files in the {app} folder.

Download Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater

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