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I have been spending a bit of time everyday in reporting webpages that has copied or scraped content from my blog. Some people may think that it is fine to copy because there’s no wrong in sharing knowledge but they should at least write it in their own words together with a linkback and not just simply copying and pasting on their website. Writing an article can take hours to even days to complete depending on the level of difficulty in research while it takes less than 10 seconds for the other person to reproduce it on their website.

Not only it is unfair to the original author who written the article, they are also polluting the search engine with the same duplicate content, possibly causing penalties to the original author by Google. There are a couple of steps involved in order to report the webpages to Google which is to search for the links, check to confirm if the webpage still contains the copied content, compile and sort the list of URLs according, finally filling up and submitting an online form. I have been constantly trying to improve the steps by automating them as much as possible to save time.

Before I can submit the online DMCA form to Google Web Search, I must first complete the captcha test by typing the two words shown on the box. The CAPTCHA test is meant to prevent automated submission by robots so that only real humans can legitimately submit the form. The Google Web Search DMCA form uses reCAPTCHA system where it consists of two words and to be honest some of them are really hard to read.

reCAPTCHA recognition

The most annoying part is when I got the captcha wrong even after spending some effort in trying to type in the correct letters and numbers that is displayed to me. I don’t mind solving CAPTCHA once or twice but it is really mentally challenging if I needed to continuously solving them. There are some paid services for automated captcha recognition and mostly they are used to integrate into software via API but I needed to automatically solve the captcha from the web browser. Fortunately I found Rumola, probably the only online service for now that offers automated captcha recognition from the web browser via extensions. That means if you land on any webpage that requires you to solve the captcha by typing the letters and numbers that appear in the image, Rumola does it for you when you start filling up the form. Rumola doesn’t crack the captcha but instead the captcha that is shown to you are automatically sent to them for manual processing by real humans and then send it back to your browser.

To use Rumola for automated typing of CAPTCHA in your web browser, you will need to register a free account followed by installing the extension. The extension doesn’t require any configuration and will be automatically bound to your account via browser cookie. The video below is a demo of Rumola automatically recognize and type in the CAPTCHA words when I start to fill up the form.


After testing Rumola with reCAPTCHA, I find that Rumola is quite accurate and takes about 20 seconds to help me type in the 2 words to solve reCAPTCHA. If you managed to fill up the form quicker than Rumola solving the CAPTCHA, you can click on the CAPTCHA box to manually enter the CAPTCHA. Rumola is a paid service and they do offer a free trial account for you to test their service. The trial account comes with 10 credits and you can top up 50 credits for $0.99 or 150 credits for $1.95 both valid for 6 months. Solving each captcha costs 1 credit.

If you have a task that constantly requires you to fill up captcha boxes in your Firefox, Chrome or Safari web browser, then Rumola is a huge time and effort saver with only a fraction of cost. Currently Rumola supports Firefox, Chrome and Safari but you can sign up for the notification where you will be notified when they begin supporting your browser.

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