Bypass CAPTCHA in Firefox by Auto Solving with Captcha Monster

Previously I have written about a very useful extension called Rumola where it can bypass CAPTCHA by auto typing it for you on your web browser when you start filling up the web form. Recently I was contacted to check out another plugin that is similar to Rumola called Captcha Monster. The random characters that you require to key in can actually be recognized most of the time by putting a bit more effort into it, but isn’t it better if you leave this task to someone else while you concentrate on doing the more important stuff? Although there are times when you get unrecognizable words in reCaptcha such as the first word from the image below but at least they are able to help you solve captcha most of the time.

Unrecognizable Captcha

If you are involved in submitting web forms that constantly requires you to solve the CAPTCHA, you would save a lot of time and effort by using plugins like Rumola or Captcha Monster. Currently Captcha Monster is only supported in Firefox and the author said that he is going to develop extensions for other web browsers but without an estimated time of release. You can test the effectiveness of Captcha Monster in solving CAPTCHA by signing up for a free trial account valid for 30 days with 30 credits. Solving each CAPTCHA will deduct one credit from your account. To sign up for a free Captcha Monster trial account, enter your email address on the Captcha Monster registration form, click on the link from your email to activate your account, followed by entering a name and password to login to your Captcha Monster account. Once you’ve successfully created an account, login to the Members area to download and install the Captcha Monster extension for Firefox.

After installing the Captcha Monster extension, press Ctrl+Shift+A to get to the Add-ons Manager and click the Options button for Captcha Monster. Enter the email address and password that you used when creating the account. Click on the Check button and you’re good to go if you get the “Successful verification” popup. If you get “failed verification”, make sure you’ve properly signed up for a trial account and entered the correct login credentials. The Settings tab allows you to use bigger fonts for the Captcha Monster Settings window while you can select your preferred method on recognizing CAPTCHA.

Captcha Monster Settings

By default Captcha Monster uses the first option where it will automatically start solving CAPTCHA when the page is loaded. Take note that one credit will be instantly deducted from your account when Captcha Monster starts to solve the captcha. So I would suggest you to either choose the second or third option to prevent from wasting some of your credits unless you are required to repeatedly solve CAPTCHA. The second option will only allow Captcha Monter to solve the Captcha for you when you start to fill up the form while the third option will only start to solve when you manually click on the “Solve Captcha!” button on the toolbar.

Captcha Monster

After testing Captcha Monster, I would say that there is a lot of room for improvement because it seriously lack of other features if compared with Rumola plus it is also more expensive at $2.99 for 60 captchas, $4.99 for 120 captchas and $9.99 for 760 captchas valid for 30 days. The time required to solve the captcha is quite fast at around 10 seconds.

Below is a video demo on how I installed Captcha Monster extension in Firefox and use it to bypass captcha by auto recognizing it.


Visit Captcha Monster

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