10 Free and Portable Offline Antivirus Scanners

Scanning your computer with an antivirus is important, whether your computer is permanently connected to the internet, or has no internet connection. A simple way to run a scan on a computer with no internet is using a portable virus scanner that can be used offline. Here we have 10 options for you to try out.

Solutions for Slow Comodo Virus Database Update

Comodo Antivirus products need to periodically access update servers to download the latest program version or virus definitions to help protect against the latest threats. If your Comodo product is having problems accessing update servers, here are a few things you can try to help fix the issue.

Fix Avira Free Antivirus Slow Update Problem

The free version of Avira Antivirus used to update its definitions from different and slower servers compared to the paid version. Although both free and paid versions now update from the same servers, it is useful to know how switch to another server if the closest to you is not working correctly.