3 Ways to Analyze Memory Dump (.dmp) File

Most users will have encountered the dreaded blue screen of death (BSoD) in Windows at some point. The problem with blue screens is they don't usually give useful information normal users can understand. Here are some ways to help analyze BSoD messages to make it easier to identify the cause of the error.

Create a Custom Event in the Windows Event Viewer

The Windows Event Viewer is a convenient way for any user to view the system logs and troubleshoot any potential problems. To make even better use of Event Viewer you can create your own custom entries in the event logs. Here we show you how to do it along with some useful scenarios and tips on usage.

How to Bypass User Account Control (UAC) in Windows

Windows Vista and newer operating systems come with a security feature called User Account Control that requires user permission to grant administrator privileges to programs that want to make system wide changes. Here we look at UAC and how in some circumstances it isn't totally safe and can be bypassed.