Cheaper Alternative for Short-Term RapidShare Premium Account

Most of the file sharing websites such as RapidShare allows you to download as a free user without a premium subscription. The restrictions that you’ll be getting as a free downloader are slower download speed, wait time, download queue, no resume support, no parallel threads, tons of annoying advertisements with fake download buttons, CAPTCHA input, and etc. Recently we’ve seen a few file hosting websites such as RyuShare and Extabit that goes to the extend of allowing the uploader to restrict the uploaded files from free users and only the Premium users can download the files. This means that the free users are practically forced to subscribe a premium account just to download the file if they really want it.

If you urgently need the file downloaded as fast as possible, hold on to the payment because there is a cheaper method to download the file without subscribing to the premium account.

There is a download manager called FileDownloader that supports automated downloading from multiple file hosting websites such as Extabit, RapidShare, RyuShare, TurboBit, and etc by only having 1 account. This would mean that you only need to subscribe to FileDownloader and you get premium download access privileges to over 20 different file hosting services. There are already many similar multi-host downloading service which we’ve previous covered but what makes FileDownloader different from the others is it doesn’t charge flat-rates on fixed monthly fee, but only the amount you download at just 0.50$ per 1GB. Other than that it also supports downloading from Usenet.

The new FileDownloader v5 comes with 2 interface which is the Lite and PRO. The Lite version is a very basic downloader that is meant for basic users without all the advanced options. All you need to do is click on the ADD LINK button, paste the link and click the Add Links button. The DOWNLOADS tab will show the progress of the download transfer.

FileDownloader Lite

As for the PRO interface, you get to download from Usenet, upload files to a limited file host, access the FDN Index, support for VKontakte, advanced options to enable scheduler, connection limits, and etc.

FileDownloader PRO

Obviously it doesn’t make much sense to download and install FileDownloader software and use it to download from the file hosting websites when you merely need to get a few files. Thankfully FileDownloader also provides a convenient web based online downloader service where it helps you fetch the files that you want to download, and then offers it to you to download directly from your web browser. The good thing about using FileDownloader’s Online Downloader service is the downloaded files are kept in your account unlike using the software where the downloaded files are only saved on your computer and credits are required to be charged again if you need to redownload the same file.

FileDownloader Online Downloader

As previously said, FileDownloader is a cheaper option if you only need to download from the file hosting sites once in a while because the credits that you purchased does not expire. Whenever you need to quickly grab a few small files from cyberlockers, just use FileDownloader and it’ll automatically deduct your available credits based on the file size.

Download FileDownloader

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