YBuddy Removes your Yahoo ID from another Contact List

DenyBuddy and No-Buddy used to be two popular programs that was listed on this article to help you remove your Yahoo! ID from someone else’s buddy list but was removed because they were no longer being maintained and the official download link is also invalid. We have found and successfully tested an alternative working program called YBuddy where it does the same thing as DenyBuddy and No-Buddy.

When you add a contact in Yahoo! Messenger, the contact will receive a request that you’re trying to add them to your contact list. The contact can either click on Accept, Decline or Ignore.

add to messenger list requests

Clicking on the Accept button and all is good. Both of you can see each other’s status and chat online in real time. If click on the Decline button, the requester will receive a notification that the add contact request is denied. The requester will be given two choices of whether keeping or deleting the contact from their address book. They too won’t be able to see your online status. As for the Ignore button, it does the same as the Decline button but it also add the requester to the ignore list. Any future requests made by users from the ignored list will be automatically discarded.

You can delete the user anytime from your contact list but the problem is they can still see your availability or online Status if you’ve previously accepted their request.

This is when YBuddy comes into play by sending the “Decline” command to Yahoo Messenger’s server to forcefully remove you from their contact list and only either allowing them to keep or delete you from their address book. Even if they selected to keep you in their address book, they still won’t be able to see your online status anymore, thus protecting your privacy.

YBuddy is a single portable program at only 72KB in size that is very easy to use. Just run the executable file, enter YOUR Yahoo! ID and password and click on the Login button. Then enter the Yahoo ID of the person that you want your ID to be removed from in the blue box and click the Remove Your ID button. The contact ID will instantly receive a denied request when they are signed in along any custom message that you’ve input in the Custom Message box.


Download YBuddy

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