3 Best Extensions to Easily Auto Fill Forms in Chrome and Firefox

There are a lot of things that we can do on the Internet and most of them involve filling up forms. It is common that when you want to register as a member of any website, you are asked to provide some basic information about yourself such as your first and last name, email address, gender, phone number and etc in the given registration form.

form example

It is not too much trouble if the form is a simple one to fill but if the form requires a lot of information, it may be a bit tedious to fill it up. The most annoying situation is when you’ve completely filled up the form and for some reason the submission failed forcing you to refill the whole form again. One example scenario is when an airline is having a promotion of giving out free seats and you want to book them as fast as possible. It can get frustrating when the web page times out during submission and you need to fill up the same form a couple of times just to get through.

This is when you need a form filler application to help you automatically fill up most if not all parts of the forms and we’ll be taking a look at a few free form filler programs in this article. What we’re looking for is a form filler that automatically tries to fill up the whole form without having to right click on each text input field to manually select the matching text data.

1. RoboForm

RoboForm is actually a password manager software that has been around since 1999 and has won numerous awards. Although RoboForm is mainly a password manager, it comes with a powerful form filling feature that most of its competitors would not spend too much effort on. To set up form filling with RoboForm, it is best to download the universal Windows installer which will automatically install the required extension for the web browsers that are already installed on your computer.

There are two ways of form filling in RoboForm. The first method requires you to set up your identity by entering as much details as possible in the program, so that RoboForm can attempt to fill up any input boxes when there is a web form. Obviously this method will normally miss a few input boxes unless it is trained to fill up custom fields.

roboform identities editor

If you have a particular webpage that you want to save all the fields that you’ve entered, all you need to do is right click anywhere on the page and select “Save Forms” which will save the details as a Passcard. Take note that this “Save Forms” in right click context menu is only available for Firefox. As for Chrome, you can click on the RoboForm icon located at the top right and click on Save. The next time when you visit the URL, a small RoboForm AutoFill window will appear allowing you to quickly and conveniently fill up the form by clicking the “Fill Forms” button.

autofill roboform

It is possible to configure RoboForm to auto fill forms without being prompted to fill up the form using a password or identity. Go to RoboForm options, select AutoFill at the left tree and tick the “AutoFill Without Asking” checkbox. Use this option with caution and make sure that you’ve logged off from RoboForm if someone will be using your computer temporarily.

roboform autofill without asking

RoboForm works on Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Windows Phone and Android. Do take note that RoboForm is a shareware but it will remain free and fully functional as long as you use up to 10 saved logins.

Download RoboForm

2. Autofill Forms for Firefox

If you’re only looking for a simple form filling extension without all the bells and whistles offered by RoboForm, you should take a look at Autofill Forms. The form filling features are quite similar to RoboForm so you can expect it to work really well in helping you to automatically fill the input text boxes in a webform. You can complete the default profile with information that is commonly required in submission forms and it can be used on any websites.

autofill forms settings simple

However, you can also easily save all your text input in a web form to another profile by simply right clicking at any input box and select “Add complete form as profile“.

add complete form as profile

Other useful features found in the Autofill Forms extension are the hotkey support whereby pressing Alt+J will fill up forms, adding values to custom fields, and even the ability to store form field rules encrypted using Firefox Master Password. Our only gripe with Autofill Forms is the inability to automatically fill up a form on page load. If you need this feature, you can try Autofill extension instead.

Download Autofill Forms Extension for Firefox

3. Autofill Extension for Chrome

If you’re a Google Chrome user, Autofill is probably the best form filling extension to help you automatically fill up forms. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve already mentioned Autofill as an alternative to Autofill Forms for Firefox because of the ability to fill up form on page load without the need to manually command the extension to do so.

Autofill supports profiles but it is empty and doesn’t come with a common list of fields waiting for the user to fill up which is to be used as default. So you will have to first setup your default profile containing the common information required in a form such as first name, last name, email address, etc.

autofill options form fields

If you are going to use Autofill on a particular page, it would be much easier to fill up the form on the webpage first, then right click anywhere at the page, go to Autofill and select “Add rules for this page“. This option allows you to quickly save all the form data that you’ve entered into an existing or new profile.

autofill add rules for this page

The exceptions tab allows you to exclude any web pages where you don’t want Autofill to automatically fill up the form. As for the other stuff tab, you can gain access to the advanced settings and changing settings such as autofill delay, enabling sound effects, masking password and even the ability to import or export Autofill settings to a CSV file.

Download Autofill for Chrome

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