Easily Download the Right .NET Framework with Minimal Download

Last week I’ve shared with you a useful tip on how to check what version of .NET Framework is installed on your computer. I’ve shared on 2 ways to check the .NET Framework installed that is from Add or Remove Programs and ASoft .NET Version Detector 2007. Other readers chipped in by sharing the Microsoft method, Free DotNet VersionCheck Utility and Detect DotNet. What I really like about writing and posting everyday is I learn even more by sharing.

I discovered another simple yet effective method on checking what’s the “latest” version of .NET Framework is installed on your computer and it tells you the smallest, easiest download you’d need to get the .NET Framework on your system. Amazingly, this is all done without using any third party software. Just make sure you have a working Internet Explorer web browser and internet connection.

SmallestDotNet.com is a single page site that does one thing. It tells you the smallest, easiest download you’d need to get the .NET Framework on your system. The size of the .NET download is usually WAY smaller than you think it’ll be. There’s no database, no cookies, and nothing about your computer has been stored or kept. The website just look at the information your browser already reports about your computer and make a suggestion as to the best .NET Framework download for you.

Basically SmallestDotNet site looked at your browser’s “User Agent” and figured out what version (if any) of the .NET Framework you have (or don’t have) installed, then calculated the total size if you chose to download the .NET Framework.

Smallest .NET Framework

I went to Windows Update using my new Acer laptop running Windows Vista Business which has Microsoft .NET Framework version 3 installed by default but it didn’t prompt me to install the latest .NET Framework 3.5… Then I visited SmallestDotNet and it immediately tells me that it has detected .NET version 3.0. That’s a very recent version of the .NET Framework, but you can upgrade fairly easy to the 3.5 version by downloading the 2.8 meg installer for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. The .NET installer is smart enough to look at your system and automatically download the smallest upgrade package possible. For you, it’ll probably be only 10 megabytes total.

Vista Smallest Dot Net Framework

Clicking the blue colored Get .NET button directs me to download the latest .NET installer. The installer will then download only the required files to install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. Searching in Microsoft Download site for .NET Framework displays a lot of results and can be very confusing for basic computer users on which one to download. This site will help you to easily download the right .NET Framework with minimal download.

Check Installed .NET Version from SmallestDotNet

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