FavBackup: A Useful Tool to Backup and Restore Personal Browser Data

There are plenty of web browsers available to use right now, and one of the problems is keeping all of the browser data you wouldn’t want to lose backed up in case of a PC failure, crash, or a virus. Things like bookmarks, history, extensions, passwords, preferences and a number of other things can be a nightmare to remember should anything happen to your PC. FavBackup is a useful tool which can save all the data already mentioned and more besides, so all your settings are ready to be restored at the click of a button should disaster strike.

FavBackup supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Flock. It is also portable so can be executed from the location of your choice and doesn’t need to be installed. To use FavBackup, download the executable and double click to run it, simple.


The interface is pretty easy to navigate and use. Click on the tab of the required function and then on the browser icon to begin the process. To create a backup, simply select the ‘Backup‘ or ‘Full Backup‘ tab. The full backup is the same as selecting all options in the backup tab, apart from it will backup all user profiles if you have more than one. You will be presented with an options screen according to the browser you want to backup.

backup the following

Choose what data you want to back up by using the tick boxes, and then select a ‘Backup location‘ folder to save the backup file to. A different drive to the one your Windows installation is on would be a good idea, just in case. If you have more than one profile, select which one one to process, or choose a custom profile if that is how you are set up. Click ‘Next‘.

After a short while the process will finish and a .DAT file will be created where you chose to save the backup.

The ‘Full Backup‘ option is even easier to use as you only have to provide a ‘Backup location‘ and nothing else as everything the program can handle, is backup up automatically.

As you might expect, the restore process is quite simply a complete reversal of the backup option:

1. Click ‘Restore‘ and select the required browser icon.

2. Click on the ‘Backup location‘ and point to the folder your .DAT file is located.

3. Choose what to restore with the tick boxes and finally,

4. Check the profile is going to the correct target profile.

5. ‘Next‘ will complete the restore.

favbackup restore

If all has gone to plan, all the settings will now be restored and your valuable browser bookmarks and passwords will now be back where they belong. FavBackup is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Win 7.

Download FavBackup

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