5 File Hosting Website with Direct Download Links for Free Users

There are many file hosting services that you can find on the Internet and some of the well known ones are Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and iCloud. They can be used as online backup to store anything such as photos, videos, documents and etc so that the files are accessible from anywhere at anytime. While the hosted files can be shared as long as they have the private link, they are more for focused towards storage and backup. For Dropbox, if the public links are generating too much traffic, their system automatically disable the file sharing feature for the whole account and shows an error 429.

dropbox error 429

If you want to host files that are meant to be downloaded a lot by the public, one click file hosting websites such as Rapidgator, MEGA, uploaded (also known as cyberlockers) are more suitable for this purpose. However, a big problem is that the downloader would have to first visit the download page which is filled with annoying intrusive advertisements such as images of fake download buttons, perform a challenge-response CAPTCHA test, and finally wait for about a minute for the links to get generated.

If the person who uploaded the files is a paying Premium user, enabling the “Direct Download” feature will allow the downloader to instantly start downloading the files without the trouble of going through all the painful steps mentioned above. After testing about a hundred of such file hosting websites, we found only 5 that offers direct download links for files uploaded by free unregistered users.

1. 1fichier.com

1fichier.com is a file hosting (cloud storage) company from France and is in fact our favorite because they use freemium business model where all their services are provided for free while anyone who appreciates their service or wants to contribute can be a paying subscriber. Unlike most of the file hosting websites that is bombarded with intrusive advertisements, you will hardly find any in 1fichier.com.


An advantage in using 1fichier.com is the direct download feature automatically enabled for all download links, even including the files uploaded by unregistered user. All you need to do is visit their website, choose the files from your computer to upload, and the given link which is in https://1fichier.com/?xxxxxxx format can be used to directly download.

Do take note that files are automatically removed after 30 days without any downloads.

Visit 1fichier.com

2. Volafile.io

Volafile.io is slightly different if compared to other one click file hosting websites by offering live filesharing in a chat room that can be created for free and instantly by anyone without the need to even sign up for an account. After creating a room, click the upload button located at top right and browse for the file that you want to upload. Once the file has finished uploading, right click on the file and copy the link address to get the direct download link.


Do note that the files are only hosted temporarily for 2 days and then will be automatically wiped out from their servers.

Visit Volafile.io

3. Ge.tt

Ge.tt is a popular file hosting site that currently shares over 45 million files with 4 million users. They are very generous to offer 250MB of storage space to users without an account by dropping a browser cookie to recognize each individual unregistered users, and up to 2GB of space for accounts that can be created for free.

To upload a file, you can either drag and drop the file to the website, or click on the box to locate the files on your computer. You will then be redirected to an album containing the file that you’ve uploaded and hyperlink for the file is a direct download link.


Files are stored for 30 days if uploaded by users without an account.

Visit Ge.tt

4. Data.hu

Data.hu is a Hungarian file sharing website. Although it is not possible to switch to other languages such as English, fortunately it is still easy to upload files and obtain the direct download link. At the main webpage, click on the huge upload button located at the center and you’ll be asked to browse the file to upload.

data.hu upload

After finished uploading, click on the filename which will open a new tab that offers two options (slow or quick) to download. Right click at the “Lassú letöltés” button located at the right side and copy the link.


We’re unsure of how long the direct download link will last but from what we’ve briefly tested, the link still works after more than 24 hours even with different IP addresses. This direct download link feature at Data.hu might be a misconfiguration because the download page is very similar to most of other one click file hosting websites that tries to convince the user to subscribe to Premium service.

Visit Data.hu

5. DropSend

DropSend is a website providing online service to send large files supporting 4GB (free) to 8GB (paid) through email. Basically the recipient will receive an email containing a link to download the file, and we found that the download link is a direct one which expires after a week and can only be downloaded up to 10 times. Unregistered users can use DropSend for free but limited to only 5 sends per month, but you can always logout or clear the cookie and use a new email address to send.

dropsend send files

Only 3 steps are required which is filling up the form with a sender and receiver email address, select the file to upload, and click the “Send Your File” button. A free DropSend account is automatically created with a random password and you’ll need to tick the DropSend Terms & Conditions checkbox to continue. A popup window will appear to notify you that the file has been successfully sent. Open the “Download Link” in your web browser, then finally right click on the filename and copy the link which is a direct download link.


Visit DropSend

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