Hotmail and Gmail Both Include Forgotten Attachment Reminders

If you are constantly sending emails to your huge array friends or work in an environment that requires you to send a lot of emails everyday, sometimes you may forget to attach a file that you’re supposed to attach to the email. That is not unusual behaviour because most people just continue typing and only add the attachment at the end before sending out the email. If you immediately realize it, you can just resend another email with the attachment but if it was your last email before you shutdown your computer or leave your work desk, then the recipient will have just have to notify you that the attachment is missing and wait for you to send another email with the attachment. It can be a waste of time and sometimes embarrassing as it shows how careless or forgetful you are.

Gmail has an automated detection of certain keywords in the email body and alerts you if you’ve forgotten to attach files when the email doesn’t have an attachment. In fact Gmail had this feature for a good few years already and I’ve only recently found out that this feature is implemented in Hotmail as well.

Here are some simple phrases that I found to be in the list of keywords, there may be more so feel free to share in the comment area. You can try it yourself by composing a new email with any of the key phrases below in the email body and send. I haven’t managed to find an official list by either company of what words and phrases are recognized and what aren’t, which does seem a little odd considering the size and user base of these services.


  • see attached
  • see attachment
  • in attachment
  • in attached


  • see attached
  • see attachment
  • see the attached
  • attached to this email
  • I’ve attached
  • I have attached
  • I’ve included
  • I have included
  • attached file

For Hotmail, you will get a pop-up saying “Send without attachments? Just checking. It looks like you mentioned attachments but didn’t add any”. There is a check box to disable this option but you can toggle it by going to Options and click on “Sent message confirmations” under Writing email. You will see an option for forgotten attachment reminders where you can select to check messages for forgotten attachments before sending or send mail without checking for forgotten attachments.

Hotmail send without attachments

For Gmail, the pop-up message says “Did you mean to attach files? You wrote “see attached” in your message, but there are no files attached. Send anyway?”. I couldn’t seem to find an option to disable the forgotten attachment detector feature in Gmail.

gmail did you mean to attach files

The forgotten attachment reminder in Gmail and Hotmail is smart enough to only detect the keywords on the latest email conversation and ignores the previous conversation. Definitely a great feature!

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