4 Ways to Download All Files From a Folder on a Website or FTP

3. Offline Browsers

Offline Browsers are actually tools that download the whole website for offline viewing. These pieces of software are capable of crawling into subfolders, downloading all or filtered files and then convert the live hyperlinks to offline version pointing to the downloaded HTML file that is on your hard drive. Some of the popular offline browsers are Offline Explorer and Teleport but they are shareware that comes with powerful parsing capabilities.

HTTrack is an excellent free alternative to the paid offline browsers. You can download the portable version of HTTrack, extract and run WinHTTrack.exe. Click Next, give the project a name and click Next.

WinHTTrack Project

Now enter or paste the URL(s) that you want to download to the Web Addresses box and click Next. If the URL requires authentication, click the Add URL button and you get to enter the login and password for the URL. Click Next and Finish. HTTrack will now start crawling the given URL and download files that it finds.

httrack site mirroring in progress

Download HTTrack

4. Downloading from FTP

The best program to download all files and subfolders from FTP server is obviously a FTP client software such as FileZilla Client because they understand FTP commands and are able to crawl recursively into subfolders without problems. In the FileZilla Client, all you need to do is enter the FTP address on the Host box, enter username and password if it requires authentication or leave it blank if not, and click the Quickconnect button.

Once you’re logged in, simply right click at the folder at the right pane and select Download which will start downloading all files and folders from the selected directory.


Please take note that FTP clients can only handle FTP protocol and they cannot download files from HTTP web pages.

Download FileZilla Client Portable

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