How to Shut Down in Windows 8

Shutting down in Windows has been the same since Windows 95 which was 16 years ago. All you need to do is click on the Start button and the obvious Shut down menu will be displayed. Because of this, no one really ask how to shut down Windows. If Microsoft placed the Shut down button somewhere that is hard to find, then a lot of Windows 95 users will simply press the power button to turn off their computer which can damage the hard drive.

I’ve downloaded the Windows 8 Developer Preview ISO which is available for free and installed it on my Parallels Workstation 6 virtual machine. I’ve stopped using VirtualBox because there was an incompatibility and I had to make the switch. The Windows 8 installation is quite similar to Windows 7 but the biggest change would be the Start menu. The Windows 8 Start Menu takes over the whole screen rather than just displaying a bar with shortcuts.

Windows 8 Start Menu

When I am done messing around with Windows 8, embarrassingly I couldn’t find the Shut down button! After a bit of effort, I discovered how to shut down in Windows 8.

If you’re at the Start page, you will need to go to Desktop first. Then move the mouse cursor to the most bottom left on the screen where the Windows Start button is without clicking on it.

Windows 8 Shut Down

A menu will automatically appear showing Settings, Devices, Share, Search and Start. Click on the Settings menu.

Windows 8 Settings Menu

The settings page will be displayed at the right hand side of the screen. Click on the Power icon and select Shut down.

Windows 8 Power Icon

Alternatively, the old method of bringing up the Shut Down Windows dialog box by pressing Alt+F4 at Desktop still works. I believe many computer illiterate users will have trouble finding the shut down button but then thanks to newer generation computers that is able to properly shut down the computer even if the user presses the power button (lightly, not for a few seconds) on the computer case.

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