How to Download MySpace Music for Free

Just about everybody likes listening to music at some point, and there is a wealth of music downloading services available for you to choose from. Downloading from places like iTunes and Amazon is fine for most of the major artists but if you’re looking for something a little less well known, those places are harder to find what you want.

MySpace is proving quite useful these days because in addition to many of the major music names, it also allows any up and coming artists to upload and distribute their own MP3 discographies. As long as they own the copyright to the songs, even total unknowns who are completely independent from music labels can put their tracks online and sell them. MySpace covers a broad range of musical talents.

MySpace is like many other music sites in that there are people who want to download some of the tracks off it to their computer. There has been several utilities over the years that have been able to get music from MySpace but recently we tested quite a few of them and the results were quite disappointing with most not working at all, even the shareware ones. But there was one shareware utility that we tested which seemed to do the job just fine.

MusicJacker is a music downloading program that allows you to grab any freely available music file not just on MySpace, but on YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, PureVolume, ReverbNation and HypeMachine as well. What makes MusicJacker so interesting is it’s a complete breeze to use and probably one of the easiest tools of this kind to get along with. A lot of the other tools require browser toolbars or or endless tweaking of the configuration settings.

Here we’ll show you how to easily download music from MySpace using MusicJacker:

1. Download MusicJacker and install it, but make sure you also have the latest Adobe Flash player installed. MusicJacker supports Windows XP, Vista and 7.

2. When you run the program, choose to run in trial mode. More about this later. Click the MusicJacker button (circled).

musicjacker search

3. Go to your browser and copy the MySpace URL for the artist you want to get the music for. For example, the Michael Jackson URL would be:

myspace url

4. Go back to MusicJacker and check the address bar to make sure the URL has been auto pasted in. If not, you can right click and paste it in yourself. Click the Find Music button.

musicjacker download

5. After a while, this could take up to a few minutes if the music catalog is a large one, you will be presented with a window with all available songs. Simply place a tick next to what you want and then click Download.

musicjacker list myspace mp3

Then sit back and wait for the songs to be downloaded. The percentage and progress of each song will be displayed in the main window. A few useful options are the default download location, allow the program to get MySpace Albums and Playlists, tell the program to get HQ content if it can and the choice of audio conversion formats. Click the Options button to change these.

Unfortunately, MusicJacker is not a free product and the trial version only downloads 50% of the actual song you are trying to get. While this isn’t great for music going on the MP3 player or home audio system, it is enough if you’re just looking for a long enough snippet to turn into a ringtone for your mobile phone etc.

At the time of writing, the MusicJacker program costs a one off payment of $4.99 USD which isn’t bad when taking into consideration the free lifetime updates and you can download as much as you want from the supported services. But considering all of the free software such as Audacity we tried to download MySpace audio didn’t work, and Orbit downloader even messed up Internet Explorer, this was the next best thing. There is also a premium online downloader which can get MySpace music called File2HD which we have previously covered.

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