How To Turn Off Comments For All Post In WordPress

Most of the websites especially informational and blogs allows you to voice your opinion on the published article at the end of the post by writing a comment. It can be useful for many areas such as receiving feedback on the published post, to gain more keywords, and etc. However, it is also important to make sure that all posted comments are moderated first before approving because you definitely don’t want low quality useless comments that could tarnish the reputation of your article as trolls loves to do just that. This is why you can see some popular websites completely disabling the commenting system, or forcing the commenter to login using their social account to prevent anonymous comments where they have nothing to lose. Another method that is less strict is to automatically close comments when the posts gets passed a certain time frame.

Wordpress Moderate Comments

Manual moderation on the comment requires time and a real person to do it. If you moderate hundreds or thousands of comments daily and will be away for a couple of days, the best way is to temporarily turn off comments for all posts and then turn it back on when you’re back home. Disabling a comment for a post in WordPress is really easy by unchecking the “Allow Comments” checkbox and update the post. However it is not a good solution if you have thousands of posts to edit.

A really easy and quick solution to temporarily disable all comments on WordPress is by installing a plugin called Disable Comments. After installing and activating the plugin, you should see an additional menu option at Settings in the right hand sidebar. The good thing about the Disable Comments plugin is it can dynamically close the comments without modifying any files or database. When the posts, pages and media options are checked, the comment form on your WordPress website is automatically removed. You can view the HTML source code and notice that even the comment form code are being stripped off.

Disable Comments options

It is possible that the plugin’s dynamic function fails to work on some themes especially the old ones which are not using the standard and up to date coding practices. The Disable Comments plugin offers an alternate solution where it permanently closes the comment using the standard WordPress method. The problem with this method is you will need to manually reopen the comments which is quite troublesome.

Download Disable Comments Plugin for WordPress

Using the Disable Comments plugin would be able to successfully stop your visitors from posting comments but spammers that uses automated tools such as ScrapeBox can still post comments because it does not require to visit the webpage. As long as the wp-comments-post.php and wp-trackback.php files located at the root of the WordPress installation exist, they will be able to post comment. What you need to do is use your FTP client program to login to your website and rename both of the wp-comments-post.php and wp-trackback.php files to something unguessable like betyoucantguessthis.php.

Rename wp-comments-post.php

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