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Storing files to cloud is one of the best way to secure your files and making sure that it is always there for you to access it from anywhere. Choosing a cloud storage service is not easy because there are so many choices. Moreover with the shut down of Megaupload due to copyright infringement and the sudden closure of Filesonic that causes millions of their users to lose their files as some of them subscribed to the so-called lifetime subscription, many people are more careful and picky when it comes to trusting a cloud storage service that would actually last.

Some of major players in online storage business today are Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive. If you’re looking for a cheaper solution, MediaFire offers a more affordable pricing with larger storage space when compared to the 4 brands above. MediaFire is definitely not just another cyberlocker like Megaupload because Derek Labian, the CEO of MediaFire said “they don’t have a business built on copyright infringement and they are a legitimate business targeting professionals”. If you look at the websites that provide download links to ripped movies, TV series, cracked games and etc, no one uses MediaFire because they are quick to respond to take down requests and even taking further action such as banning the user’s account that was used to upload the pirated materials.

MediaFire offers free account with a whopping 50GB of online file storage and they recently launched a new plan called Personal where it only cost $1.50 per month for additional features such as your files are never deleted when it is inactive, advertisement free for you and other users, 50GB hotlink transfer per month, generating 100 one time links per day, SSL upload, image gallery, document editing and many more!

One of the most important thing for cloud based file hosting is the speed. We were able to achieve a maximum download speed on our 5Mbps internet connection every time we download a file from MediaFire. Other than that, it does not annoy the downloaders by asking to solve hard to read CAPTCHA code, wait 30-60 seconds for the link to get generated while you are on a webpage bombarded by advertisements with fake download buttons.

MediaFire Download Page

Currently MediaFire has a desktop software called MediaFire Express available for Windows, Mac and Linux that is still in beta. It simplifies the process of uploading files to your MediaFire account by dragging and dropping to Drop-Zone or the program interface and using the right click context menu. Once the files are uploaded, you can copy the download link to clipboard.

MediaFire Express

Unlike Dropbox desktop software, MediaFire Express does not create a virtual drive and lets you access your files directly in Windows. The file management will have to be done from MediaFire’s website. It also comes with a screenshot capture feature plus a few simple image editing tools with the convenience of auto uploading the screenshot to your MediaFire account.

MediaFire Express Capture Screenshot

The only current drawback on MediaFire is they don’t have an app for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android yet or else it would be a no-brainer to immediately subscribe to their paid plans. 50GB of cloud storage would be more than enough to backup all your photos and files on your iPhone compared to iCloud where only 5GB is given for free and it cost $20 per year for an additional 10GB.

At the MediaFire’s upload screen, you may have noticed a badge at the top right that says “virus scan powered by Bitdefender”. The frequently asked questions page did mention that your files will be scanned by Bitdefender when they are uploaded to MediaFire network. We tried uploading a few sample malwares which is already detected by Bitdefender but MediaFire did not flag the file nor stop you from uploading the file.

Virus scan powered by bitdefender

Although MediaFire does not excel in every single way when compared to their competitors, but it surely takes the lead in some major aspects making them our current choice to store our files online without worrying if our files in MediaFire will be gone tomorrow.

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