Install and Control More Than One Mouse or Keyboard on One Computer

USB is very common nowadays and most, if not all keyboards and mice are connected using a USB connection. Since a desktop computer or laptop normally has a few USB ports, have you thought if it’s possible to connect multiple mice or keyboards for a few users to simultaneously brainstorm and work together on the same computer? It is by design that the Windows operating system will only have 1 mouse cursor even if you’ve successfully installed more than one mouse. Think of a laptop with a touchpad and one USB mouse connected to it. Both of the devices will work but only moves the same cursor.

Fortunately a software called TeamPlayer exists making it possible to have multiple mouse cursors for a few users to actually work together in the same session. Do take note that the current version of TeamPlayer 3 is a very expensive shareware that cost USD 490 for a 2 user BASE license and USD 950 for a 2 user PLUS license. A 14 days free trial that limits to 2 users is available as the LITE version. The good news is an older version 2.0.10 which was released as BETA in 2008 is totally free for personal use up to a maximum of 3 users and the download link can be found at the end of this article. We’ve tested TeamPlayer 2.0.10 on Windows 7 and 8.1, both ran without much problem. There is nothing to configure in TeamPlayer 2.0 after installation. Simply run the application and two popups will appear at the bottom right of your screen informing you that you’re running a free version for non-commercial use only and the number of mouse and keyboard devices being detected.

teamplayer found devices

You will now see the number of cursors according to the number of mice that you’ve connected to the computer, each with its own color. Only the mouse with a white cursor and a colored square accompanying it will have windows control while the others can take over control by clicking once on the left click.

multiple mouse cursor

The only option that you can select by right clicking on the tray icon at the notification area is “TeamPlayer Center” which shows the license information, version and serial number. The update checker function is broken because it still tries to connect and download the next build from the old website.

teamplayer free license

There is a limitation in TeamPlayer where it will only detect the connected devices when it is being run. This would mean that if you connect a new mouse while TeamPlayer is running, it will not immediately detect it and add another mouse cursor to the screen. What you need to do is close TeamPlayer and run it again.

TeamPlayer seems to work fine in Windows 7 but on Windows 8.1, the most noticeable problem is all cursors moves the white control cursor. If all 3 mice move together, it can get a little bit confusing because the white cursor will end up moving all over the place.

TeamPlayer was originally created by WunderWorks but has been owned by DicoLab since 2010. This is why you will see that the older version TeamPlayer 2.0.10 is by WunderWorks while the current version of TeamPlayer 3 is by DicoLab. Another big difference between version 2 and 3 is version 2 seems to be written in C++ while version 3 with C# because it requires .NET Framework 4.0 to run.

Download TeamPlayer 2.0.10 Free

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