iSWiFTER vs Skyfire vs AlwaysOnPC on iPad for Flash Websites

I bought an iPad for my wife during our wedding anniversary so she could easily and quickly surf the web without turning on the laptop. iPad is light, slim, powers on instantly, doesn’t heat up like the laptop and there are tons of apps to install from the iTunes App Store. I can just sit on my sofa and play Fruit Ninja HD or Angry Birds Rio whenever I want to relax. That’s the good thing I find about iPad but the real inconvenience is I can’t browse flash animated websites. Although there is an application called Skyfire which converts flash to HTML5 but it does not support flash animated websites such as Nandos or Mcdonalds.

I also purchased the expensive AlwaysOnPC app which allows me to log in to a virtual computer pre-loaded with over 40 apps including Chrome and Firefox with Flash support. It can open flash based websites but unfortunately everything on the Virtual PC loads very slow because the server is located in US and there is a huge delay/lag as I am located in Malaysia.

Then I found another app called iSWiFTER which is cloud-based Flash browser for Social Games and MMOs categorized under Games in iTunes App Store. In addition, I can still instantly browse any of your favorite shows, music videos, movies across the web using iSWiFTER!

iSWiFTER successfully loads up both Nandos and McDonalds website. It is not blazing fast but it is definitely faster than AlwaysOnPC. The official iSWiFTER website doesn’t explain how iSWiFTER works but it felt like everything has been converted into an animated image being streamed to iSWiFTER. In Safari I can copy the text from a website by touching and holding on the screen until the Copy popup appears but I couldn’t do that on iSWiFTER.

iSWiFTER flash in ipad

iSWiFTER used to charge monthly for the browser module to load flash websites but now has reverted to a one time purchase price of $4.99. It has a 30 minute trial for you to test iSWiFTER. Currently iSWiFTER 4.0 requires Wi-Fi connection and they are working on supporting iSWiFTER over 3G networks and also support for iPhone and iPod Touch. Browsing the web with iSWiFTER is not the best experience but at least it allows me to open flash based websites. If given another chance, I would have chosen Motorola Xoom over iPad just because it comes with Adobe Flash 10 Player.

Download iSWiFTER

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