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I remembered one of our member Logik asked a question in the forum on how to record video calls that are being made between two or more Skype users for free. He tried searching on the Internet but there was no freeware that came up in his search results. I tried searching as well and I found that recording video calls are all shareware while recording chat logs are freeware. Recording video calls can be important if you’re on a meeting so that there is a proof on what is being discussed and agreed. If it is that important, you may have already purchased a software that saves the Skype video calls into a movie file which can be played back.

However if you are still looking for a freeware that does Skype video calls recording, look no further because the Messenger Plus! team has released another software that records video calls in Skype for FREE. Originally the Messenger Plus! is an add-on that extends the functionality of MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger but they’ve extended their product range to support Skype. Currently Messenger Plus! for Skype only have 3 features which is video call recording, chat logging and wink animations. The installation is a breeze but do take note that you’ll be asked to install the Messenger Plus! Community Smartbar by default. Make sure you uncheck everything before clicking the Accept & Install button blindly if you don’t the Messenger Plus! toolbar. If you’ve accidentally installed the Messenger Plus! Community Smartbar, you can uninstall it from Programs and Features in Control Panel.

Uninstall Messenger Plus Community Smartbar

When you launch Skype after installing Messenger Plus! for Skype, you will have to allow Messenger Plus! for Skype.exe to use Skype. Simply click on the Allow button to continue. You will notice that there is an additional vertical toolbar that is placed beside Skype. It consists of buttons to start and stop recording, open recording folder, send wink animations, open chat log viewer and options.

Messenger Plus for Skype

Although Skype already has chat logging but the Log Viewer by Messenger Plus! for Skype is more flexible and powerful because you can search all your chat logs from on convenient interface and categorize your chat logs by dates, sessions or by contacts. It also allows you to print and export chat log conversation in HTML format.

As for the wink animations, your contacts will only get to see the wink animations if they have Messenger Plus! for Skype installed or else nothing they will receive an automated message saying “user sent you a wink! Download Messenger Plus! for Skype at“. The wink animation requires flash player.

Finally, the video call recording feature in Messenger Plus! for Skype allows you to record for unlimited duration. At the Recording Options, you can set 3 different quality levels of the recording which is Low, Medium and High. The higher the quality of the video call recording, the bigger the file size is. When a video call has been connected, Messenger Plus! for Skype will automatically detect the call and prompt if you want to record it. Stopping the recording will immediately encode the recording to an AVI video file that is saved to the Documents folder. Optionally you can also set it to auto record incoming calls at the Recording Options. The recording preview shows important information such as the length of the recording, file size, quality, data rate, frame rate and resolution.

Would be great if the Messenger Plus! team can add the ability to pause and resume video calls recording. Since this is the first release, we can probably expect more features in the upcoming versions.

Record Skype Video Free

Download Messenger Plus! for Skype

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