Mirror your Files by Uploading to Multiple File Hoster

If you intend to host some files for public to download and would like to save the bandwidth and web space from your shared hosting account at the same time, uploading it to file hosting websites (some people calls them cyberlockers) will be the best solution. However, it is definitely risky to upload files to one file sharing website because they are constantly in risk of being shut down due to people misusing them to store and distribute pirated materials such as movies, cracked software, full audio albums and etc. Some file hosting website may be selling “lifetime” premium account but you definitely should not trust that after seeing MegaUpload that used to offer lifetime account being shut down. All the files uploaded to Megaupload are gone and is still in pending decision if the users are allowed to get them back.

A better solution would be to upload to multiple file hosters in case if one goes down and you have backup mirror links that still works and allows you to create more alternative download links. Although sounds easy, but it is very troublesome and time consuming to access every file hosting site to manually upload the files. There is however a free program called File & Image Uploader which has been in active development for several years that allows you to automatically upload files to hundreds of file sharing websites including some that you may have never heard of

File & Image Uploader is a single portable executable file and it is really easy to use. All you need to do is download the program, run it, drag the files that you want to distribute and host it on multiple file servers, select the file hosting servers and click a button to start uploading.

File & Image Uploader

To select multiple file hosting servers from the Add File window, first make sure that the Multiselect checkbox is ticked. Then click on the drop down menu for File Hosting to select the servers that you want to upload to. The trick to select all of the available file hosting servers on the list is by right clicking on the list and select the “Select all” option. The upload progress are shown in the Stats tab while you can obtain both the download and delete links from the Files tab. A log file (FileUploader.log) containing all the links are also automatically created and saved at the same location as the File & Image Uploader executable file.

FileUploader Add File

The Tools menu includes some useful functions such as link checkers to see if the links are still valid, link sorter, universal file manager, RapidShare MD5 generator, premium link grabber, link protector that uses linksave.in, relink.us and adf.ly, setting maximum upload speed and upload connections and etc. As for the Settings, it allows you to change the program skin, scheduling, notification, configure hosting accounts, and even binding the program to a specific adapter.

The latest new core version of File & Image Uploader claims to support over 600 servers but only over 250 servers are working when we tested uploading a small RTF sample file. You can customize your personal server list from the “Hostings view” section found in Settings so you can easily upload to the selected file hosting servers instead of going through a huge list every time you want to upload.

FileUploader Hostings View

If you are a frequent uploader, you can make the uploading easier by putting an entry in the “Send to” menu. Go to Settings > Misc > 2 > and click the Create button for Icon in “send to” menu. The create button for “Windows shell context menu” will only work if you run the File & Image Uploader program as administrator.

FileUploader Context Menu

Although File & Image Uploader is free to use, donating more than $3 to the author of the program will enable additional features on the program such as unlimited speed, up to 100 parallel upload connections and 50GB maximum daily data transfer.

Download File & Image Uploader

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