10 Free Tools to Batch Convert and Resize your Images

6. Plastiliq ImageResizer

ImageResizer is an elegant, fast, and simple to use tool that allows you to batch convert and resize images (BMP, PNG, JPG, and TIFF) in a variety of different ways. They include width, height, fit, percentage, the current desktop resolution, and keeping proportions. The finished images can then be output to one of the same four input formats to the folder of your choice.

Plastiliq imageresizer

Options such as leaving smaller files alone, changing date and time attributes, overwriting existing files, and the JPG compression ratio can be configured from the Options window. Whole folders full of images can be dropped onto the window, subfolders will also be processed. Plastiliq ImageResizer can be made portable by installing and copying the folder or extracting it with Universal Extractor.

Download Plastiliq ImageResizer

7. Picture Resizer

Picture Resizer is an interesting tool because its options are configured depending on what name you give the executable. Go to the website, enter some options in the wizard for processing the images, and the name you need is given. Folders or image files can be dropped onto the file’s icon and they will be converted automatically. Double click the executable to show a window where you can enable a context menu entry.

Picture resizer

There are 12 resizing methods to choose from, including crop, sides, percentage, resolution, file size, and extend canvas. As the executable is only 395KB, you can make multiple copies of it and create a number of your own presets. Drop your files onto the different icons to automatically perform different resizing tasks. Picture Resizer can only process JPG files.

Something else Picture Resizer is good at is running from the command line with an extensive number of parameters making this program useful for resizing from Command Prompt or within batch files.

Download Picture Resizer

8. Image Tuner

Image Tuner is a program with a nice blend of features while not being difficult to use. It also has a nice and clear user interface too. There are 17 different tasks you can perform on your images, ranging from resize, crop, flip/rotate, add watermark, and batch rename, to color adjustments and filters. As tasks are only added if you want them, you don’t have to navigate through tons of options that are not required.

Image tuner

After browsing for or dropping some images onto the window (folders are supported), right click in the tasks pane on the right and choose Resize. The window that appears allows for resizing by percentage, by pixel size, or by the physical size of inches/cm. Image Tuner will save the files to the original image format. If you want to output all the images to another format such as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, or TIF, add the Convert task to the list before clicking Process.

Download Image Tuner

9. ImBatch

The way ImBatch works is very similar to Image Tuner above. You add your images or folders full of images to the program and then add a task you would like to perform on them. The major difference is ImBatch is far more advanced and has dozens of different tasks that you can apply. That also makes it a bit more complicated to use but ImBatch is relatively intuitive so shouldn’t cause too much of a problem.


After adding the images to process, click on Add Task and select Transform > Resize. Then click on the Resize task and a popout window will appear. Files can be resized by pixels, percentage, or by physical dimensions. There is an advanced menu for adding the width and height using custom parameters but most users won’t need to use it.

ImBatch will overwrite the original files unless you add another task called Save as (Add Task > Save > Save as). This popout window allows for simple or advanced renaming and the option to save all images to a specific file format such as JPG, PNG, or WebP. A potentially valuable feature is Tools menu > Image Monitor. This will periodically scan selected folders and automatically perform the selected tasks on new image files.

Download ImBatch

10. FotoSizer

The free version of Fotosizer has a blend of being easy to use while including enough resizing and converting features for most people’s needs. Dozens of custom or preset resizing options are available along with nine simple effects, flip and rotate, PNG optimization, and options to keep image metadata. The output file type can be any of BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, or WebP, or the same as the original image file.


Fotosizer can recurse into subfolders if you turn the option on. A renaming system allows for filename masks to be applied if you want to be more precise about the names of the output files. A total of six presets and ten mask patterns can be combined to include picture information, dates, and etc. Do note there is a nag window every time you start Fotosizer to register for the full version.

If you don’t like the idea of a nag window, the last version that came without one is from 2012. It still works and has a slightly easier to use interface. There will be some newer functions missing (such as WebP support) but it works fine and should be enough for most users. An archiver such as 7-Zip can extract the installer to make the program portable.

Download FotoSizer | Download FotoSizer 1.38 (older version without nag window)

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