Pop Up Ads Window Permanent and Safe Removal in GOM Media Player

Pop up ads window can be annoying if it is too obtrusive. Writing a software can be easy but writing a good one is definitely tough and it is just fair that a good software should be rewarded via advertisement. GOM Media Player is the second most popular video player in CNET Download.com. In fact, GOM Media Player has slightly more total downloads if compared to VLC Media Player which currently takes the first spot but has lower weekly downloads. In the recent GOM Media Player, it comes with a pop up ads window when you close the program. The popup’s title bar says “Thanks for using GOM Media Player!” while the content advertises third party software.

pop up ads

Even though there is a checkbox at the bottom of the advertisement window that allows you to stop showing any more ads for today, some may find it annoying and would like to permanently stop showing the ads when they close GOM Player. One of our forum member Sujay has suggested to move the GrLauncher.exe away from the GomPlayer directory but I think it’s not safe because that file is also used to check for the latest version of Gom Player installed on the computer. Open up GrLauncher.ini, visit the link that is in the file and you should see some version numbers being displayed on the page. I also found another solution by moving away the popup.exe file. This method should work but I cannot guarantee doing this will or will not break any other functions in GOM Player. I have personally discovered another method which I believe is the safest in removing the pop up ads window in GOM Media Player permanently without deleting or moving any files from the program directory. When I saw the option not to show any more ads today in the pop up ads window by GOM Player after exiting the program, I immediately suspect that this option is saved somewhere in the computer, probably in the Windows registry. If it is able to remember not to show the ads for today, that means there are possibilities in making it not to show for a longer period of time.

I fired up SysTracer and monitored both files and registry changes before and after setting it not to show any more ads today. I found that GOM Media Player updates some registry values such as ADPOPLastShowDate and ADPOPLastShowTime in hexadecimal format.

adpoplastshowtime hex unix date

Those hexadecimal date format are actually used by UNIX and we can easily convert them back to “human” time by using an online UNIX Date/Time calculator. After converting UNIX hex time to normal human readable time, we can see the GOM Media Player records the date of last show pop up ads in registry.

Convert UNIX Hex dates

Now all we need to do is set it to a future date and GOM Media Player will no longer show the pop up ads window until it reaches the date that you’ve set.

1. Click the Windows Orb/Start button and type regedit in the search programs and files bar.
2. Press the ENTER key and click Yes in the User Account Control window.
3. Navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GRETECH\GomPlayer\OPTION
4. Double click on ADPOPLastShowTime and enter the value data as 5f876c80 and click OK.
5. Double click on ADPOPLastShowDate and enter the value data as 5f876c80 and click OK.

Setting the value data as 5f876c80 for both ADPOPLastShowTime and ADPOPLastShowDate will trick GOM Media Player not to display any pop up ads window until the computer date reaches Wednesday, October 14, 2020 9:24:16 PM. This solution is safe and will continue to work until GOM Media Player is updated to use a different method in recording the date and time on your computer.

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