Preventing RapidShare Files from Expiring by Redownloading them

RapidShare would host your files as long as your RapidPro account is still active but as for free users, files that are not being downloaded in 30 days will be automatically deleted. RapidPro account is one of the most expensive premium accounts if to be compared to other cyberlocker websites and they risk losing all their uploaded files once their account expires and not renewed. RapidShare has an option that is enabled by default which sends out notification one week ahead via email to inform you of the detected inactive files that will be deleted soon from your account. To avoid your files from being automatically deleted, you can of course download the files yourself based on the reported inactive files in RapidShare.

If you have a huge list of files uploaded to RapidShare and if for some reason you are not receiving the notification due to your spam filters automatically deleting the email notice, or you have accidentally deactivated the automatic notification in your account, you can make use of a download manager that supports downloading from RapidShare to automatically download the list of files. There used to be some third party tools such as Rapid Refresh or RS90 which is able to help you extend the expiration date of the files in RapidShare but unfortunately they no longer updated to work with the current RapidShare.

What we can suggest you is to keep a list of RapidShare URLs that are important to you which you don’t want them to expire, save them to JDownloader and then make sure you re-download them once a month by setting an reminder notification on your mobile or computer.

Once you have compiled the list of RapidShare URLs that you want to redownload, install JDownloader or if it’s already installed, run it. During installation, please pay attention to the option where it will by default select to install the Babylon Toolbar which is absolutely unnecessary. Select Advanced Installation and uncheck all 3 checkboxes.

JDownloader Adware

Once JDownloader is launched, make sure that the Clipboard monitoring is enabled by clicking the clipboard icon on the program. Now select all the URLs from the text file and copy. You will notice that JDownloader automatically captures all the RapidShare links and place them under Linkgrabber tab to verify the link status. JDownloader is capable of merging all related links into one package and if all of the links are not merged, you can simply select all of the files from Linkgrabber, right click and select “Merge to one package”.

JDownloader Merge Package

You can then rename the package to a name that is easy to remember by right clicking on the single package, select Properties, and change the current name at the Package Name box to something like “Download this every month”. Click the Play icon and JDownloader will move the package from Linkgrabber to Download tab for instant downloading.

JDownloader Download

Once the file is downloaded successfully, the file’s expiry date will be extended 30 more days. When it’s near 30 days again, you can easily re-download the whole package again by right clicking on it, select Reset and followed by clicking the Play icon to start downloading.

This method works but will waste a bit of time and bandwidth to download the files hosted at RapidShare every 30 days. Other than that, it is really important to remember to redownload every 30 days or else the inactive files will get deleted. A small price to pay to keep your files in RapidShare as long as possible without subscribing to RapidPro. You can in fact use other download manager that is capable of downloading from RapidShare to do the same as above.

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