Quickly Check and Change Critical Software Auto Update Status

Most popular software comes with an updater feature that allows the user to check if the availability of an updated version of the software and some even offers to auto download and apply the updates. Important software that are most prone to drive-by attacks such as Java, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player has an auto update checker to check for latest updates in background without interfering what the user is doing on the computer. Some users may felt that the auto updater feature is an invasion of privacy because they do not like the idea of a software doing something secretly in background without their knowledge. However for most computer users, I would say that it is always best to make sure that the auto update feature is enabled so that you wouldn’t have an older version of a software that is vulnerable to exploit packs.

Although most software should automatically enable the auto update feature after installation but there are times when we forget to turn them back on when we’ve temporarily disabled it for some reasons. Instead of manually running the software, going through their preferences and options to make sure that the auto update is enabled, and continually doing this for multiple programs, you may want to consider using Update Freezer, a very useful free and portable tool that will instantly show you the status of the auto update on some important or popular software. Upon running Update Freezer, it will check and display the automatic software updates status for Google, Adobe, Java, Firefox, Skype and even Windows in an easy to understand user interface.

Update Freezer

You can easily enable or disable the automatic updates for the supported software by clicking the designated buttons. For software that is not installed on your computer, it will simply show N/A. Weirdly I have the latest current version of Adobe Flash Player installed on my laptop and Update Freezer shows N/A for Adobe. I have tested it on my test system and it works fine.

When you run Update Freezer the first time, it remembers the original settings and saves it as a backup. After you are done messing with the auto update settings, you can easily revert back to the original settings that was saved by Update Freezer (not the default factory settings) by clicking the Restore All button located at the top right of Update Freezer.

Update Freezer is a very useful tool for any Windows computer users including computer technicians to run a final check before finishing the job in making sure that the critical software on your customer’s computer is setup to auto update.

Download Update Freezer

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