5 Ways to Remotely Access Apple Mac OS X from Windows

4. Vine Server

Vine Server

Vine Server, previously known as OSXvnc, is a free VNC server for Apple computer offered by TestPlant for free. You can use other VNC viewers to connect to the Vine server but using their shareware $35 Vine Viewer enables an additional feature which is transferring files via copy and paste.

Download Vine Server

5. Remote Management

Mac OS X actually comes with a built-in remote management feature that allows other computers on the local network to access the Apple computer using the Apple Remote Desktop which we mentioned earlier. However, there is a setting where you can allow third party VNC viewers to connect and control the Apple computer. First click on the System Preferences icon at the Dock and click on Sharing. Click on the checkbox for the Remote Management to turn on the service.

MacOS Remote Management

Click on Computer Settings button. Tick on the “VNC viewers may control screen with password” and type in a password. Click OK to save the changes. Optionally you can click on the Options button to configure the access permissions.

VNC Viewers Mac OS

Do take note that the Remote Management feature in Mac OS X uses port 5900 which would conflict with the default port used by RealVNC server or Vine server if both service are enabled at the same time. You can either fix this by enabling only one service at a time or change the port usage on RealVNC or Vine server.

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