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If I were to ask you the question of how many different web browsers you have on your computers, I’m pretty sure most of you would say more than one. It’s not unusual for many of us to use two, three or perhaps even more programs to browse the web. Although that may sound rather odd to some, each of the major browsers has their own positives and negatives that make them so diverse. One of the issues when multiple browsers are installed is that you’re not going to have the same set of favorites, across all of them unless you regularly import and export between them or edit each browser as you go.

Another problem is having different browsers on different computers. You might use Google Chrome on your desktop machine and prefer to have Internet Explorer, Opera or Firefox on your laptop. While some browsers have a built in sync option things are a bit more involved keeping the same bookmarks updated across different browsers and computers as well. Formerly known as Foxmarks, Xmarks is a browser syncing program that keeps your bookmarks backed up and synced across 4 major browsers; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari on MacOS X. It has a few more added options that could prove to be useful such as the ability to also sync the tabs you have open in the browser, and an online myXmarks page where you can login and add, remove or edit the bookmarks from a webpage.

The profiles option is valuable because you can setup different profiles on different browsers and systems. For example the home profile has all bookmarks and the work profile is without the games websites or torrent downloads bookmarks etc. Installation depends on which browsers you’re choosing to sync with, Chrome and Firefox download and run Xmarks as a browser plugin extension that integrates into the browser while Internet Explorer requires the install of an application. Installing Xmarks is a bit more of a pain than FaveKeeper because you have to get it onto every browser individually on each machine, and login to every one.

Xmarks Setup

Whichever browser(s) you choose to use Xmarks on, you will need to create an account which requires an email, username and password. The email is used purely to send you the details if you ever forget the password. Then when every subsequent browser is installed with Xmarks you will be asked to sign in to the account and will be given options about what you want to sync.

Xmarks Syncing Successfully

The syncing options differ with each browser, for example Firefox has some extra options attached to searching that Xmarks will show top sites as rated by other Xmarks users and a site information button which offers extra details about the website your visiting. There is also a premium version which offers apps for most of the major smartphones, open tab sync on your mobile devices and a longer backup and restore window for a fee of $12 a year. Being owned by the famous password manager Lastpass means Xmarks should be very good on the security aspect of holding your personal bookmarks and data. Xmarks supports Firefox 3 and above, IE 7, 8 and 9, Safari 4.5+ and Chrome.

Download Xmarks

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