Undeluxe Automatically Backup Deleted Files for Easy Restoration

There are so many strategy that we can use to make sure we are able to get back our files when we accidentally deleted it. If you don’t use any backup methods, the only way to get back deleted files is by using data recovery software to try to put the file system back together so that the data files can be accessed only if they are untouched or not overwritten by new data. If we prefer to play safe, we can use backup software that automatically transfer new files to a backup medium. Some may opt for drive imaging such as Acronis True Image to create an incremental offline snapshot and while others may use snapshot programs such as FarStone RestoreIT or Rollback RX.

Here is another unique method used by a software named Undeluxe where it automatically backup the file before it is deleted. This could be really useful because I have a bad habit of ALWAYS using the SHIFT+DELETE key to delete files without putting it to Recycle Bin. In fact there were a couple of times I accidentally shift deleted important files and I had to use data recovery software to get it back.

Other than Undeluxe protecting files deleted in Windows Explorer, it also protect files that are deleted by other programs such as command prompt or even a virus. However if a virus infects a file, the original file will not be recoverable by Undeluxe because it only backs up deleted file and not modified or changed files. There are 2 versions of Undeluxe, the home and professional. The Home version is free for home use but all of the options are disabled. As for the Professional version of Undeluxe, it cost USD34.95 for a single user license and all the options are enabled for configuration. By default, Undeluxe will automatically delete protected files after ten days and that option cannot be changed in the free Home version.

UndeluxeThe only available options in Undeluxe Home as the rest are disabled and only accessible in Professional version.

Since the protected files are deleted after 10 days, you should try to check the protected files every day to see if there are any important data that was accidentally deleted without your knowledge so you can restore it back before it is too late.

Undeluxe Protected Files ExplorerUndeluxe Protected Files Explorer offers a simple user interface to view deleted files and allows you to easily recover them back

I noticed that Undeluxe does not automatically start monitoring when Windows is booted up. You need to manually run the Undeluxe Control Center and click the Start button to enable the file protection. After much testing, I found out that the User Account Control (UAC) needs to be disabled in order for the file protection to be automatically enabled during system boot. Undeluxe requires write access to C:\ drive which explains why it needs to run in an elevated level.

It is foolproof in using Undeluxe to restore back files that are deleted either knowingly or unknowingly. At first I thought that Undeluxe may cause a bit of delay when deleting a file since it needs to be copied to the _UNDELUXE_ folder at the root of the drive first before it really gets deleted but I was wrong. I read the official Undeluxe frequently asked questions page and realized that when a file is deleted, only its file name information will be changed so that it resides in a different directory after deletion. No copying is done which would have a significant performance impact.

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