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When I discovered Tunlr, a free DNS service that allows you to watch US TV channels online for free without being in the USA, I went searching for an alternative in case if Tunlr services goes down and I urgently needed to watch a TV episode from CBS, Hulu or similar websites. I found another one called UnoDNS at by the company Unovation Inc. UnoDNS is quite similar to Tunlr where the user is required to change the DNS to the ones provided by them and they will be able to stream TV channels from their computer or mobile devices.

Unlike the free Tunlr that is ran by a few enthusiasts and does not guarantee the availability of their DNS services, UnoDNS is offered as a premium service where there are 2 paid packages (Premium, Gold) and 1 free limited package that does not expire. Other than that, they also have multiple DNS servers located in the America, Europe and Asia. Obviously connecting to a DNS Server closest to you will definitely have some speed improvements if compared to connecting to one that is at the opposite side of the world.

To start using UnoDNS, you will need to create a new account which will give you 8 days trial of UnoDNS Gold for free, and then automatically downgrades to the free package if you don’t renew it. Before you can start using UnoDNS, you must first set your current IP address as the active authorized network in UnoTelly Portal and then configure your network adapter to use the UnoTelly’s DNS servers.

UnoTelly Portal

Updating your IP in UnoTelly is the most troublesome step if you have a dynamic IP address that changes every time you reconnect. Recently UnoTelly has released a new IP Update API which is still in Beta that allows you to easily update your IP address to your account by simply visiting your secret IP update link without even having to login. It can be found by logging in to your account at UnoTelly Portal.

Unotelly IP Update API

UnoTelly also have their own custom program called UnoHelper that helps you to easily activate UnoDNS on your computer without much hassle. All you need to do is download, install, enter your UnoTelly login details to the program and click the Start button. I encountered quite a few problems when using UnoHelper such as the DNS settings was cleared and left blank which resulted in unable to load any websites and the program periodically hangs. Other than that, it wasn’t smart enough to automatically use the DNS server nearest to my location.


If you are using the free UnoDNS, accessing to websites that are not included in the free channels package will automatically redirect you to the UnoTelly’s website saying “Content Not Available. The media site you tried to access is not available to your current UnoDNS subscription”. I don’t think this is fair because non USA users are allowed to view some video clips or trailers on Hulu but UnoDNS completely blocks you from even accessing the website. You can however turn off UnoDNS by removing the DNS from your network adapter to prevent the automated redirect.

As previously said, the free UnoDNS does not expire but limited to only 14 channels to be viewed on computer. Premium that cost $4.95 per month has 48 channels while the Gold at $7.95 per month has 75 channels and can be allowed to used on both computer and other devices such as TV, mobile and tablet.

The video demo below shows how I wasn’t able to watch Hawaii Five-O from CBS website but later possible after changing to UnoDNS.

UnoDNS is a great alternative to Tunlr. However the signup is way too easy to abuse because it doesn’t even require a verification. You can simply enter a bogus or temporary email and password at the sign up page to instantly get a Gold UnoDNS membership valid for 8 days without even paying upfront.

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